The 2nd International Automotive Casting Conference 

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July 7th , 2015, Shanghai, China Radisson Blu Hotel Pudong Century Park , Magnolia Hall

Automotive industry is counted as one of the biggest markets in the die casting and mould fields, with prominent advantages of its amounts, varieties, qualities and materials. The Chinese automotive industry is developing very fast these years and is forecasted to continue its growth furthermore, which makes it put into use in big scales. The reconstruction of this industry provides wider space for its future development in providing lighter auto parts which reflect the latest development and modern technologies in die casting industry.

Based on the Asia’s biggest and most successful trade fair specializing in die casting industry — The 10th China International Die Casting Congress & Exhibition”, “The 2nd International Automotive Casting Conference” will be organized to feature the die casting solutions to meet the growing demands of the industry. Experts in the industry are invited to share their views and expertise focusing current issues of the sector on the different topics:

● Global market and trend of the manufacture of automotive parts
● Innovation on the design and production of automotive casting
● Technologies and solutions for automotive casting

● Unique platform tailored for die casting companies and auto parts manufacturers
● Share innovative ideas, modern technologies, provide solutions, and brain storming
● Network and close talk to suppliers, partners and buyers
● Continuous participation to the leading die casting trade fair and join various events
● Factory visit to die casting company and supplier

Attendee profile:
● Automotive manufacturers
● Casting companies
● Casting solution providers

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NürnbergMesse FICMES

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Foundry Planet

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