The casting capacity of this foundry will increase by 60% with the new casting carousel and the continuous sand mixer.

Qadri Group invests in new OMEGA SINTO Foundry Machinery

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Foreseeing a rapid increase in the Cement & Mining Sector portfolio and markets, Qadri Group from Pakistan decided to invest in another Automatic Carousel (Molding line) & Continuous Sand Mixer some time back. Based on their previous experience, the choice once again was OMEGA SINTO FOUNDRY MACHINERY LIMITED, UK.

With the addition of this new Carousel and continuous sand mixer of 20 TPH, the Molding capacity will double. Resultantly, the Pouring capacity of this foundry facility will increase by 60% and the combined annual pouring capacity of all foundries will reach 20,000 tons!

This 6-station molding line enables the company to handle a variety of different patterns at a time. The automatic Rollover for mold stripping feature maintains mold accuracy, enables prevention of mold breakage, and ensures the ability to control mold size variation across different molds. Through the auto blend function of the pneumatic sand gate of the continuous sand mixer, they are able to reduce their sand wastage to a huge extent, and with an automatic compaction table human hand in the ramming process is removed, ensuring homogenous sand compaction.

All these features of the automatic molding lines guarantee Qadri`s continued ability to provide highly standardized castings with excellent surface finish.