Finn Recycling is now << Resand >>

Finn Recycling Oy, a technology company based in Nuutajärvi specialising in sand regeneration and recycling, has changed its name to Resand Oy.

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With the new name, Resand Oy wants to send a strong message about its commitment to sustainable development.

"Sand is the world's second most sought-after natural resource after water, and huge quantities of industrial waste sand are transported to landfills. We want to play our part in solving this problem and promoting sustainable development. By recycling waste sand, we reduce the need for virgin sand, the transport of sand, and the amount of waste sand going to landfill. Our new name Resand sums up our company's goal to recycle sand again and again," says Kalle Härkki, CEO of Resand.


Founded in 2013, the company has developed a unique sand regeneration technology that enables waste sand to be cleaned and reused. Resandi's technology enables foundries to recycle almost 100% of the sand used in production. The solution reduces the environmental footprint of virgin sand use and the CO2 emissions from sand use. At the same time, it brings significant savings for foundry customers.

Resandi's sand regeneration technology has proven to be a successful solution and the company has already implemented several commercial projects with Finnish foundries. The company is also expanding into international markets. In March 2023, Resand started its first project in Germany with Siempelkamp, the global market leader in hand-casting solutions.

The company's new name, << Resand >>, was registered in the Commercial Register and came into effect on 08.06.2023.

Resand Oy

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Resand Oy

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