The e-bike as a game changer in the mobility market?

E-bikes may have the potential to revolutionize the mobility of broad populations. Especially in major German cities, a generation of young urbanists is currently growing up, for whom the bicycle with propulsion support is a more than attractive alternative to public transport, but above all to the car.

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This is one of the core results of the representative study "I want to ride my bicycle" of the GIM Society for Innovative Market Research. The typology divides the German population into a total of five different segments, which differ, among other things, in terms of their attitude to cycling (hedonistic vs. pragmatic) and their behavior (frequency of cycling).

As a segment with the highest potential for trendsetting, the study identifies the "Young Urban Bikers": they make up 17% of the German population and are usually between 20 and 49 years old. Two-thirds of them live in cities. Cycling is hip for them: they see bicycles as lifestyle and status objects, with which one can profile as well as with a smart car. In addition, they see the cycle as a solver of mobility problems in cities in the face of congested roads.

The Young Urban Bikers already have the highest share among owners of e-bikes, pedelecs and cargo bikes. This can turn them into game changers in the urban traffic space.

In addition to the typology, the study also presents general facts about how bikes are driven in Germany. For example, just under half of all Germans (49%) use a bicycle in everyday life - which makes it the most common mode of transport after the car.