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In the metal producing and processing industries, the exact determination of the alloying elements is becoming more and more important. The alloy composition guarantees the properties of the corresponding material.

When these compositions have to be measured during the melting process in a foundry, speed, precision and reliability are essential.

Besides this, downtimes due to malfunctions or need for high maintenance efforts are annoying and associated with expensive production delays

With the completely redesigned metal analyzer Belec again sets new standards. The all new Belec IN-SPECT with its unique dual-spectrometer optics guarantees unbeaten performance in conjunction with significantly reduced maintenance costs in this instrumentation class.

It is used in the classic smelting control in foundries as well as in goods receiving, recycling or in regular quality assurance for production control.

The Belec IN-SPECT is a true multifunctional wonder:
Almost unlimited in the number of measuring programs, it fulfills almost every requirement combined with extremely attractive pricing.


- Almost unlimited in the number of measuring programs
- Attractive pricing
- High performance ability due to the latest 7GSO System
- Excellent precision
- Low detection limits
- Wide selection of adapters for different sample sizes and shapes

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