SPECTRO introduces its newest SPECTROCHECK LMM02 Stationary Metal Analyzer—the affordable solution to meet the performance demands and budgets of small foundries, automotive suppliers, and other metal fabricators.

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The latest generation SPECTROCHECK analyzer delivers the industry-leading combination of an even lower cost of ownership with continued precision, stability, reliability, and unparalleled analytical performance—at the lowest possible price. It is the instrument of choice for the routine elemental analysis of a variety of metal samples (including iron-, aluminum-, or copper-based metals) and reliable test results that meet the most rigorous specifications for content and quality.  

Key new advancements of the latest SPECTROCHECK model include ultra-fast one-sample standardization based on SPECTRO's Intelligent Calibration Logic (iCAL) that saves an average of 30 minutes daily. Compared to the previous model, its new argon-saving features allow total flow shutoff during downtimes and 70 % less argon consumption during standby. In addition, its redesigned, space-saving housing is 35 % more compact and configured with even greater accessibility for easy, safe functionality and maintenance. 

Improved and engineered with advancements to maximize performance and usability, the new analyzer includes new hardware components, plug-in functionality to enable users to pay only for the functions they need, and iCAL logic to eliminate time-intensive recalibrations. Its patented optical technology, optimized for elements found in common foundry metals, provides precise performance across the entire application—relevant spectral range, minimizes spectral interferences, maintains high stability—and enables better separation of neighboring spectra in line-rich analyses. 

With its fast, easy startup and intuitive operation, SPECTROCHECK is simple to run and maintain, even for operators without specialized knowledge. Its unique plug-in design allows affordable customization to add additional software modules as needs evolve. 

Maximum uptime, optimum performance, and the longest possible equipment life are ensured by AMECARE Performance Services through its high-value, customized support delivered by hundreds of experienced service engineers in 50 countries. 

The all-new SPECTROCHECK LMM02 Stationary Metal Analyzer is immediately available from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments.


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