The value of Chinese exports to Latin America increased 38%

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Latin America represented 10% of the exports of manufactured iron and steel products (chapter 73) from China to the world between January and August 2012, reaching 1.9 million t, equivalent to 3,028 million Dollars. The value of the exports is 38% higher than in the same period of 2011, while in terms of volume the increase has been 9.5%.

During this period, the three main importing countries of manufactured iron and steel products have been Brazil with 374,375 t representing 19% of the region, followed by Venezuela with 332,707 t (17%) and Chile with 296,488 t (15%). In August, Brazil imported 55,117 t or 92.5 million Dollars from China and the main part of manufactured products consisted in rails with 17,871 t or 15.2 million Dollars.

Source: Alacero, Santiago Chile