Transmission Technology in Transition

VDI congress "Dritev" discusses technologies and trends around transmission, electrification and powertrain

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The hybridisation and electrification of the drive, the goal of lower emissions and increasing energy efficiency: These megatrends are changing the overall system of the automobile. The transmission is no exception - quite the contrary. In the realignment of the powertrain, whether partially or fully electrified, the transmission technology naturally plays a central role. Experts discuss the increasing penetration of electric mobility and the associated effects in Bonn on 27 and 28 June 2018. The 18th International VDI Transmission Congress is dedicated to the emerging changes under the new title "Dritev" ("DRIvetrain Transmission Electrification in Vehicles").

The transmission as a Powertrain Manager
Today, the transmission is - at least for a certain transitional period - increasingly a "Powertrain Manager". Because with the hybridisation, today it is the common state of the art that electric motors have moved directly into the transmission technology. This makes it clear that in the future, it will be conceived and developed in overall systems - with a simultaneous simplification of the actual transmission. "Essentially, we will find in the purely electrified powertrain a 1-gear transmission in the future. 2-gear transmissions, some of which are power-shift-capable, are also conceivable for higher power ratings, but this is reserved for the high-performance segment," says conference chair Matthias Zink, CEO Automotive OEM of Schaeffler AG: "In any case, the transmission topology will be much easier than it is today. The challenge is to realise a good transmission in a small space to optimal weight and economically efficient."

From torque vectoring to e-axes and future battery technologies
The Dritev congress participants will receive insights into current lighthouse development projects in addition to lectures from science and development. These include torque vectoring systems that, in combination with an electric 48V architecture, open up new possibilities for convincing driving dynamics and significant CO2 savings. Other key topics include new concepts such as two-gear power-shift e-axles and new battery technologies for the electrified powertrain. A total of 80 lectures give a comprehensive insight into today's state of the art in two days. In addition, the congress participants are expected by around 100 international exhibitors. At the same time, the two conferences "Transmissions in mobile machinery" and "EDrive" take place, which extend the program of the "Dritev" also for adjacent branches.

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