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Tupy orders SinterCast process control system for high volume CGI production in Mexico

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With planned mature volume of more than 300,000 cylinder blocks per year, and production start in 2013, Tupy has secured the largest ever CGI cylinder block order

Tupy, the world’s largest cast iron cylinder block and head foundry group, has received an order for a new high volume Compacted Graphite Iron passenger vehicle cylinder block, to be produced at its North American base in Saltillo, Mexico. Following the start of production in 2013, the order calls for a ramp-up to more than 300,000 cylinder blocks per year, making the new programme the highest volume CGI cylinder block in the world. The new CGI cylinder block will become Tupy’s eighteenth CGI component, further reinforcing its global leadership position for CGI product development and series production.

In preparation for the start of series production, Tupy has ordered a fully automated process control system from the Swedish CGI specialist SinterCast. The System 3000 Plus has been jointly specified by Tupy and SinterCast engineers to automatically control the base treatment, the process control measurement and the final adjustment of magnesium and inoculant prior to casting. Process data from the System 3000 Plus, and the melting and moulding operations, will be compiled into a unique process database to provide enhanced control and traceability. The System 3000 Plus will be SinterCast’s most comprehensive ever installation, with capacity for up to 15 ladles per hour and more than 9 hours of production per day. The System 3000 Plus is planned to be shipped before year-end and commissioned during the first quarter of 2013.

Following the installation of the System 3000 Plus, the SinterCast process control system currently installed on Line 3 at Tupy Saltillo will be re-installed on Line 4 to support intensified CGI product development for commercial vehicle applications.

“Following the initial SinterCast installation at our Joinville foundry during the year 2000, and the second installation at our Mauá commercial vehicle foundry in 2004, we are pleased to be the first foundry group in the world with SinterCast process control systems at three different production facilities and with high volume CGI capability on four different production lines. The CGI process at our Saltillo foundry has been designed from a clean sheet of paper, incorporating Tupy’s high volume CGI production experience over the past decade and taking advantage of the latest technology in every aspect of the foundry process” said Mr. Luiz Tarquínio, President and C.E.O. of Tupy. “As a key component of our strategy for our Mexican operations, we look forward to applying our world-leading CGI experience to support the development and series production of this new passenger vehicle cylinder block. We also look forward to continuing to expand our CGI capabilities in Saltillo, including future CGI series product on on our commercial vehicle line.”

“Tupy’s contributions to CGI product development and its CGI series production experience have established CGI awareness and confidence throughout the automotive industry and have led to the approval of the highest volume CGI cylinder block to date. The planned volume, representing more than 300,000 Engine Equivalents, will establish new benchmarks for CGI foundry capability and machining.” said Dr. Steve Dawson, President & CEO of SinterCast. “We appreciate Tupy’s confidence in our technology as we prepare to install and commission our most comprehensive ever process control system. Repeat business is the strongest endorsement of any technology, and it is one of our core objectives.”