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Building a successful and profitable business is impossible without reliable partners.

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They can share their experience, knowledge, and resources with you to help achieve your goals. Partners can also provide motivation and support when you face challenges.

Ukrfavorit LTD is currently in search of new partners for collaboration. For over 15 years, we have held a leading position among suppliers of materials and equipment for foundries. What sets us apart from competitors is the presence of a technical department, the technicians of which have gained experience in foundries in such countries as Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

Our team is currently actively collaborating with the Ministry of Economy and the Association of Foundries of Ukraine to develop the foundry industry and establish connections with international companies.

We offer the following areas for cooperation:

  1. Official representation of your company in the Ukrainian market. Ukrfavorit takes on the role of distributor and transporter of your products.
  2. Placing your orders to produce foundry products in Ukrainian factories. We will assist in selecting the best manufacturers that meet your requirements.
  3. Setting up your production within the territory of Ukraine.

We are always eager to partner with those interested in jointly developing the foundry industry and international business.

Why should you collaborate with Ukrfavorit?

  • We hold over 30% of the foundry materials market in Ukraine.
  • We have more than 100 loyal clients.
  • We have implemented new processes and improved technology at 53 foundries in Ukraine.
  • We have selected and commissioned equipment at 12 foundry plants.
  • We regularly attend exhibitions and stay updated on current trends in the foundry industry.
  • We handle organizational and technical tasks related to launching foundry production.
  • We act as an intermediary between the client and the manufacturer.
  • We guarantee 100% support at any stage of your business venture.

Our goals:

  • Strengthen international connections for knowledge exchange and innovation implementation in the foundry production.
  • Expand sales markets and establish trade relationships.
  • Create new products and services for the foundry industry, focusing on consumer demands.

The company Ukrfavorit is interested in collaborating with new partners who share our goals and are committed to success! We would be delighted to discuss collaboration opportunities with you and find a mutually beneficial solution.

Let's work together to reach new heights and advance the foundry industry!

Contact information:

Denys Burdin
M.: +38 (050) 628-83-14
E-mail: denis(at)

Deputy Director
Serhii Borbotko
M.: +38 (050) 368-72-43
E-mail: managerfea2(at)

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