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FREE WEBINAR: Use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the foundry - once a vision, now a reality

EASYpour - the concept for automatic pouring

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What have we heard and read about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI)?
Which areas of application and advantages arise for foundries and which references are reliable? Can competitiveness actually be increased?

PourTech AB, the specialist for automatic casting and software applications, presents its path to the development and use of artificial intelligence in foundries based on laser and visualization technology.

The concept is called EASYpour, which in the following webinar clearly explains the basics and advantages of automation.

Fluctuations in the process, quality stabilization and improvement are just as targeted as the workload of employees and the Coordination of the cycle times of the molding system with optimized casting cycles.

See how production costs are reduced and all process data are saved and evaluated in real time and assigned to the casting.

Experience, hear and see what EASYpour has in store for you and your company: