VW - Million-Euro lawsuit against Prevent

As various media reports, a lawsuit by Volkswagen against the former supplier Prevent will be heard in the Braunschweig Regional Court in the coming week. According to the Peiner Zeitung, it is up to € 66 million.

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Among other things, questions should be clarified whether the Prevent Group demanded "exorbitant prices" from VW and on the other hand it is still unclear to what extent the car manufacturer was allowed to simply break off business relations with the company of the Bosnian investor Nijaz Hastor.

The current situation, which will be negotiated in Braunschweig from February 24th, 2021, had come to a head in 2016 because the two prevention companies ES Guss and Car Trim suspended deliveries to Volkswagen on their own initiative and thus triggered massive consequences, which led to a temporary standstill in six VW factories led.

The parties to the dispute naturally present the initial situation differently and speak, among other things, of breach of contract and extortion, one can look forward to the judgment.

Source: Peiner Zeitung, industrial magazine