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YXLON Y.Cheetah X-ray system wins “Best Practice Award 2009”

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YXLON International, a leading supplier of industrial X-ray inspection systems and computed tomography (CT) solutions for the non-destructive testing of materials (NDT), has received the “2009 Global Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) X-Ray Inspection Equipment Product Innovation Award” from Frost & Sullivan for the technological and product innovations that have been integrated into Y.Cheetah, the new X-ray system from YXLON.

The TEAM Research department at Frost & Sullivan was particularly impressed by the excellent flexibility and outstanding inspection results achieved by these innovations in technology. The team designated YXLON as a “leading producer of key technologies in the field of non-destructive material testing based on X-rays and computed tomography.” Alongside the 1-click technology, an emphasis was placed primarily on the innovative PowerDrive and Zoom+  technologies. These exist exclusively in the Y.Cheetah system and enable X-ray images to be acquired that have not been able to be achieved until now by any other technology or conventional X-ray systems. In the PowerDrive mode, the tube and detector axis travel synchronously in opposite directions at a constant magnification.

If the distance between the detector and X-ray tube is decreased, image quality is increased dramatically at a constant image acquisition time. As a result, using PowerDrive technology the need to integrate many images in order to obtain very good image quality no longer exists. The Zoom+  technology maintains a constant distance between the tube and detector while magnification is varied. This eliminates the time-consuming adaptation of beam parameters when magnification is changed. The “1-Click Strategy” means that all important functions can be achieved with merely one mouse click. Very brief introductory training is thus sufficient to generate brilliant, highly detailed X-ray images with Y.Cheetah.

TEAM Research is quite sure: “X-ray inspection is going to be led to a new level of technology with the revolutionary X-ray solution Y.Cheetah.” What’s more, the outstanding price:performance ratio is setting standards on the market for universally deployable X-ray systems. That, in turn, has an added impact in promoting sales. Y.Cheetah has convinced not only TEAM Research at Frost & Sullivan, but customers too. Andreas Knorr, the head of the Inspection and Calibration Center at Pulsotronic GmbH & Co. KG, is delighted: “As a result of the flexibility and simple operation of the Y.Cheetah X-ray system we were able to clearly reduce our inspection time and the expenditure involved with the non-destructive testing of our electronic components and products, while achieving very high-quality results at the same time.”


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