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ZPF Group: ThermDos dosing automat works continuously with high accuracy and casting quality

Small floor space required and up to 50 percent of energy saving

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In addition to melting, holding and chip melting furnaces, ZPF Group has extended its offer for the aluminum industry by a new installation section: ZPF Foundry4 GmbH will introduce its ThermDos dosing automat on the Euroguss 2012 (Euro casting fair). The furnace that is offered in variants from 350 to 3250 kg of capacity can be used both in die casting, as well as in sand and gravity casting. The robust installation is laid out for an operation that is as simple and continuous as possible. Furthermore, in the latest model TD 550 DC, the supply gutter for liquid aluminum has now been optimized and the floor space required of the dosing furnace has been reduced by changes in the interior geometry. Thanks to the used heating and insulating technique, the energy consumption of the ThermDos automat is up to 50 percent below that of conventional bale-out crucible melting furnaces.

ZPF ThermDosHeart of the installation is its controller. It guarantees a high dosing accuracy and provides for short cycle times through synchronization with the casting installation. The basis for that is a profibus interface that enables the complex communication with the periphery. The system is operated via touch panel. Unambiguous symbol graphics and a machine-oriented command structure facilitate the intuitive handling of the dosing automat. For example, the dosing weight is entered directly in kilograms. On the display pressure histories can be displayed graphically for easier process monitoring. The data of the last 350 dosing processes are automatically historicized and can also be transmitted to an external storage medium, for instance a USB stick, if required.

High Melting Quality and Long Service Life

The design of the dosing automat is such that a filling is possible even during dosing so that it can work without interruptions. Supply and withdrawal of the aluminum always occur below solution level. This way, an unintentional introduction of oxygen in the melted mass, which would influence the quality of the casting, is prevented. Instead of this, the metal is conveyed almost oxide-free. The aluminum is heated up by means of silicon carbide heating elements (SIC) that keep the energy consumption of the furnace very low, together with the strong insulation and the used fireproof materials. In order to guarantee long endurance and a long service life in spite of continuous operation, only high-quality materials are used when constructing the furnace. Morover, it is payed heed to compatibility of the wearing parts with parts of other manufacturers. In addition, the ThermDos has a tilting lifting rack that is height-adjustable which simplifies the emptying and cleaning of the furnace. Also, alloy changes can be carried out easily thanks to this technique.

ZPF Schmelzofen MesseWhen selecting the suitable system size in die casting, the clamping force of the die casting machine, the weight of the molding and the cycle time are particularly decisive. In sand and gravity casting, the furnace configuration on the other hand depends on the width of the weight spectrum of the moldings as well as the requirements on the metal quality. Eight different standard variants are available here, every dosing automat is additionally adapted individually to the requirements and factors of the respective customer.

Comprehensive Concept for Chip Processing

Brand-new in ZPF Group's portfolio is an operator model where the necessary specialists are also provided by ZPF when a new furnace is delivered. This way, the production and consultation competence is extended by the personnel service sector. Furthermore, on the Euroguss, the company group will introduce its latest chip melting concepts for the aluminum working industry developed in collaboration with Lanner Anlagenbau GmbH: Lanner is specialized in systems for chip handling and this way complements the chip melting furnaces by ZPF Therm. By means of an illustrative model of such a processing plant, the special features of this power-saving and environmentally compatible technology will be explained on the ZPF Group's fair presentation in hall 7 booth 128.

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