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Major Windmill Castings Producer chooses Weijing for third time

There are good reasons why the Himile Foundry, a leading windmill foundry, ordered 3 sets of degating hammers from Weijing


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Windmill castings are huge, so breaking the risers is an important step of the post-casting process. To break those large risers safely, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible is one important duty of the part cleaning department. 

As one of the three largest foundries producing windmill castings in China, the Himile Foundry faced this problem 3 years ago - until they found Weijing Hammer at the M&M Show in 2017 and 2018. After the show, Himile spent time checking its factory background and comparing technical parameters. Finally, Himile decided to purchase one set of Weijing QC355 Hammers first to test in November 2018.

The QC355 hammer can supply 9500 Joules, which can break the neck size of a SG riser reaching 210mm diameter.

The agreement Himile signed with Weijing involves a testing period - If Himilie is happy with the hammer, they pay the balance. 

Weijing accepted the challenge
The Himile foundry was quite happy with the Weijing Hammer. 

With the help of the degating hammer, Himile was able to take on the challenges of larger casting with the bigger risers of windmill castings for their customers. One year later, Himile's business increased sharply especially in 2020.

Himile was so happy with the QC355 Hammer, that when it could no longer meet the requirements of their new orders. they contacted Weijing about its larger QC499 Hammer. Himile ordered a set of QC499 Hammers in December 2020. The Weijing QC499 Hammer can provide 28,000 Joules, which can break a 350 mm diameter neck size. The QC499 Hammer also has tilting device, which can be remotely controlled by operator to target the riser easily without climbing the high platform. 

After the test operation, Himile is quite satisfied with the Weijing QC499 Hammer's performance. As a result, Himile foundry ordered their third set of Pneumatic QC 355 Hammers from Weijing in January 2021 for their other workshop. 

Weijing Hammer is proud of the fact that the Himile Foundry has now chosen it 3 times for its degating solutions, and strongly believes that its customers' satisfaction proves the value of Weijing's products.


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