Why DAEHAN METAL in South Korea purchased 3 sets Auto pouring machine from Weijing one time?

After one month quarantine, two Weijing commissioning engineers finally came back to office last week, they had installed three sets Weijing Auto pouring machine and commissioning.

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DAEHAN METAL MFG Co.,Ltd. decided for Weijing Auto pouring

Please follow an interview we received from the Chinese supplier:

What was the reason behind that they choose Weijing?

The answer is quite simple: The Weijing Auto pouring machine doesn't need the foundry to dig the groundwork for the pouring machine and just needs at most 2 meters distance for machine to move horizontally.

What does it mean to the foundry?

You don`t have to reinvent the foundry.

And you can safe the normal production to finish the foundation.Time is money. How much is one month time worth to you? You know better than me.

Who could be interested in Weijing auto pouring machine?

Foundries who operate auto molding lines working with manual pouring, and who doesn't have big room left for auto pouring machine movement, and no time for foundation making due to expensive time cost to them.

How did DAEHAN METAL become aware about Weijing?

They heard about the Weijing pouring machine from onother foundry invested by South Korean company in China, who had one set Weijing pouring machine from 2016. Thanks to the great performance of Weijing Auto pouring machine in that foundry. Circle is quite small. DAEHAN METAL reached Weijing in March, 2021. Then they visited 2 foundries who are using Weijing pouring machine in China, then made their decision.

Is stream inoculation available operating the Weijing auto pouring machine?

Yes, absolute. Because we know inoculant adding is one key process of SG iron casting. So each Weijing Auto Pouring Machine is equipped with stream inoculation as standard configuration.

Weijing stream inoculation device is drove by frequency converter for synchronizing control for perfect performance.

Premium inoculating performance, no any inoculant waste.

Which other functions does the Weijing pouring machine offer?
Pouring follow-up and signal interlock.

Pouring follow-up means Weijing pouring machine can cast when the molding line is moving. No any time wasted to wait. Save time cost for the foundries. It is an available option for foundries to select.

Signal interlock means Weijing pouring machine can communicate with the molding line. When the pouring machine is casting, but the molding line will move, the pouring machine will let molding line wait until one mold pouring finishes. Absolute safety, no any mistake.

The DAEHAN METAL pouring machine project in South Korea is the first international case for Weijing. Since 2013 Weijing has supplied 38 sets auto pouring machine to Chinese foundries from.

If you are you still pouring manually for auto molding lines, think about the alternative from Weijing the customized solution for your foundry.

No matter whether you run a horizontal molding line or vertical molding lines, Weijing always can provide the most matchable pouring solution for you.

No pre-foundation digging required, only 2 meters width for machine moving required, pouring follow up is an available option.

Thanks for the interview with DAEHAN METAL, who have chosen the Weijing Auto pouring machine.



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