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Magma HPDC Conference 2022: Intelligent Mould Temperature Control Technology

This virtual conference is jointly organised by MAGMA Singapore, voestalpine, Chem-Trend, Frech Asia and SIGMASOFT ® Singapore via GoToWebinar

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30/3/22, 1:00 PM - 30/3/22, 5:30 PM (Asia/Singapore)


This virtual conference is jointly organised by MAGMA Singapore, voestalpine, Chem-Trend, Frech Asia and SIGMASOFT® Singapore via GoToWebinar.

Join us on March 30th, Wednesday, 1PM to 5:30PM SGT should you be interested in the following topics:

  • How design and simulation make additive manufacturing a success solution?
  • Discover Micro Spray Technology and understand how it can significantly increase the productivity by reducing scrap rates and produce better part quality
  • Evaluate and optimize the cooling system through HPDC process simulation
  • How to achieve longer tool life through advanced technology?
  • How to reduce energy consumption and die lubricant consumption?
  • What are the failure mechanisms of HPDC dies and how to overcome it?
  • Learn the optimal combination of steel, heat treatment, surface treatment & coating in die casting industry
  • How to virtually predict and optimize the cycle time?
  • Learn the temperature control effectiveness - conformal cooling vs. conventional cooling
  • How to optimize mould materials and select the best location of cooling channel?
  • Learn the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in relation to efficient die temperature control

Conference Topics:

Additive Manufacturing Solutions  l  Micro Spray Technology  l  HERATM Technology  l  ABP  l  Die Life Optimization  l  Digital Twin in Die Casting  l  Heat Balance  l  Thermal Fatigue Cracks  l  Die Casting Simulation  l  Vacuum Hardening  l  Cooling System Optimisation  l  Tool Design  l  Tempering System  l  Cycle Time Optimization  l  Mould Material Selection  l  Surface Defects  l  Shrinkage Porosity  l  Plastic Injection Moulding  l  Performance Testing  l  Conformal Cooling

Who Should Attend?

Technical & Production Management, Technical Advisor, Molding & Tooling Manufacturer, Product & Mold Designer, Process Manager/Engineer, CAD/CAE Specialist, QA/QC

Program & Speakers:

13:00 - 13:05     Welcome Remarks

13:05 - 13:55     Additive Manufacturing Solution for HPDC Dies by Mr. David Wang, Managing Director, voestalpine Technology Institute (Asia)

13:55 - 14:45    Micro Spray - Properties and Advantages of HERATM Technology by Mr. John Belyk, Global BD Director & Mr. Jaruyos Lertsuwannaroj, Regional Die Casting Sales Manager, Chem-Trend

14:45 - 15:35     HPDC Virtual Temperature Control Optimization by Ms. Luciana Stuewe, Technical Director, MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific

15:35 - 16:25     Optimization of Die Life for HPDC Dies by Mr. Jason Ye, Technical Director, voestalpine High Performance Metals Pacific

16:25 - 17:15     The Way to Efficient Mould Temperature Control by Mr. Rene Hordijk, Managing Director, Frech Asia

17:15 - 17:30     Mould Materials and Cooling System Optimisation for Plastic Moulding with SIGMASOFT  ® by Mr. Vimalanand Devadass, Technical Manager, SIGMASOFT  ® Singapore

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