Nine in Ten Foundries Plan Capital Investments in Next 12 Months

The American Foundry Society (AFS) today announced survey results showing more than 90 percent of responding North American foundries anticipate making capital investments in the next 12 months.

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Foundries identified 19 different categories of upcoming capital equipment purchases. The top 10 categories are grinding equipment, robotics, molding equipment, conveyors, cranes/hoists, machine tools, environmental controls, melting equipment, and air compressors.

Other areas seeing strong foundry interest include 3D printing technology, lab equipment, blast cleaning equipment, sand prep systems, pouring equipment, heat treating equipment, coremaking machines, and sand reclamation technology.

AFS CEO Doug Kurkul noted, “The survey also showed that 89 percent of responding foundries have a positive business outlook for the next 12 months. That positive outlook, coupled with strong demand for castings, has set the stage for significant investments in plant and equipment in the coming months.” Kurkul continued, “Foundry personnel will interact face to face with more than 275 suppliers of essential technologies, equipment and consumables at CastExpo 2022, April 23 to 26, in Columbus, Ohio.”

Companies interested in exhibiting at CastExpo should contact Deana Barrueta at or visit Registration is open at the same web address.


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