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Simpson digitally enables equipment with Monitizer®

“NoriGate” hardware to be installed on Simpson kit to connect to industry-leading IIoT platform

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Simpson Technologies is pleased to announce that it will digitally enable its equipment solutions using the Monitizer Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

Monitizer is an equipment-agnostic IIoT solution offered by Norican Group that allows users to turn data into value. The system enables foundries to easily collect, visualize, and analyze data to reduce operational costs and make educated improvements to the process.

Emily Shedlarski, Global Product Manager at Simpson, explains: “For 110 years, Simpson has been a leader in innovation and technology for the foundry industry, providing energy efficient equipment and robust process controls. To continue this drive for innovation, we are very proud to announce that we will make Monitizer’s industry-leading IIoT technology available on our equipment - to better connect data across the whole foundry process and gain deeper insights into the drivers of great quality, productivity and sustainability.”

The move will see Monitizer’s NoriGate hardware installed on Simpson kit, ready to connect to customizable dashboards and tools. The device will initially be rolled out as standard across Simpson’s Hartley on-line controllers, Multi-Cooler, and Simpson Analytics sand laboratory testing equipment.

Nina Dybdal Rasmussen, who heads up the Monitizer business at Norican Group, explains: “Foundries want to use data to radically improve their processes. Ultimately, to eliminate scrap and increase uptime and quality. The more data they can extract, the greater the potential for improvement. That’s why we built Monitizer as an IIoT platform for our industry, capable of connecting all parts of the line. The steps covered by Simpson equipment are key factors in the overall process. Integrating data from this equipment is invaluable and will mean a huge leap forward in foundries’ ability to turn data into value.”

The first installation of a Monitizer solution integrating Simpson equipment is underway at a North American foundry.

Monitizer already connects molding lines and shotblast equipment in green-sand foundries around the world and can easily integrate all types of equipment from all parts of the process, to gain maximum insight and steer the casting process towards minimum scrap, maximum productivity, reduced energy use and enhanced quality.

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