Simpson Technologies Equips the BDG-Service GmbH Main Laboratory with Simpson Analytics

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The Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry e. V. (the Bundesverband der Deutschen Giesserei-Industrie or “BDG”) in Düsseldorf is the industry association of the German foundry industry. The BDG represents the interests of around 600 German iron, steel and non-ferrous metal foundries who employ around 80,000 people. As a service association, the BDG offers its members comprehensive service and support in the fields of energy and environmental policy, business administration, market development and statistics, raw materials, logistics and public relations. In connection with their consulting services, the BDG-Service GmbH (independent) assumes the tasks of a technical competence center and provides important capabilities in research and employee training. With the recent move to a new headquarters on Hansaallee street in Dusseldorf the workshop and laboratories of BDG-Service GmbH were completely rebuilt and equipped with modern equipment.

As a leading supplier of sand preparation, control and testing equipment to the global foundry industry Simpson Technologies frequently supports industry initiatives to develop advanced research, educational or training facilities in foundry markets around the world. In late 2016 Simpson Technologies CEO Bruce Dienst toured the new BDG headquarters and laboratories with BDG President Dr.-Ing. Erwin Flender. During that visit plans were made to cooperate to upgrade and expand the foundry sand testing laboratories of BDG-Service GmbH with state-of-the-art Simpson Analytics sand testing technology.

In July, 2017 Simpson Technologies (Deutschland) GmbH in Euskirchen, Germany signed a cooperation agreement to become the exclusive supplier of advanced sand testing equipment to BDG-Service GmbH and supplied 23 instruments and accessories valued at over EUR €100,000.00 to fully equip the sand testing laboratory including the  model 42160 Digital Pneumatic Sand Squeezer, the model 42104 Universal Sand Strength Machine, the model 42105 Digital Absolute Permeability tester, a model 42110 Laboratory Mix-Muller, a model 42111 Laboratory Core sand mixer, the model PVF-C Minilab and the model PFP Mold Strength tester.

The test machines are intended to prove their suitability in the regular operation of the laboratory which tests a huge number of molding and core sands of different quality and composition every year. After successful commissioning and instruction of the employees the devices are now in continuous use.

Simpson supports the development and advancement of the global foundry industry and is proud to be the exclusive supplier of advanced sand testing technology to BDG-Service GmbH. For more information on BDG-Service GmbH please visit their website



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