The shape of things to come: Norican’s GIFA line-up will showcase sustainable innovations for boosting productivity.

Whether you are a green sand foundry or die caster, sustainable production and improved productivity should go hand in hand. And with the right solutions, they will. A fact that Norican is going to be demonstrating at GIFA 2023 with an exciting mix of interactive experiences, 3D animations, and industry-leading talks.

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Taking action, together.

Comprising new and proven innovations from DISAItalPresseGaussStrikoWestofen, Wheelabrator, Monitizer® and Simpson, the exhibits on Stand D71, Hall 17 will take delegates on a tour of equipment and digital solutions proven to give foundries a competitive edge with end-customers operating in an increasingly sustainable world.

If you can decrease energy consumption and waste, you save a lot of money and reduce your emissions at the same time. It’s all intertwined”, said Ulla Tønnesen, President of DISA. “And with carmakers - especially within EV manufacturing - increasingly awarding contracts based on minimising a component’s carbon footprint, there’s no more time to just ‘think’ about sustainability. DISA and the rest of our Norican colleagues are here at GIFA this year, to show green sand foundries and die casters alike that this isn’t a scary prospect. In fact, it is a business opportunity.”

ItalPresseGauss – die casting technology with ROI in its DNA.

Want to know how a world-leading premium automotive brand was recently able to re-design a 16-piece crash relevant battery housing and cast it as a single, lightweight aluminium part? Visit ItalPresseGauss (IPG) at GIFA and you’ll be able to find out.

  • Modular means more benefits: virtually tour the award-winning modular TF Smart series range of Toggle Free high pressure die casting machines from IPG. As well as being digitally enabled, more sustainable to build, and lighter and leaner to operate (using less energy), the modular design means die casters can tailor aspects such as tie bar distances and injection forces to perfectly match current needs, safe in the knowledge that they can change modules should customer requirements shift. Without having to invest in a new machine. All adding up to great ROI. 
  • Giant casting made simple and more sustainable: see how IPG’s TFs Giants sit at the heart of complete automated casting cells that cost-effectively improve quality, consistency and efficiency for giant casting applications such as EV component production.
  • Discover the benefits of digital die casting: leveraging Monitizer | DISCOVER and Monitizer | PRESCRIBE, see how digital insights and useful dashboards can help die casters produce more good parts (less scrap), faster, with less downtime, using fewer resources. All of which is good news for productivity and for carbon footprints.

DISA – tackling traceability, making the right connections.

DISA will showcase its proven range of metal casting and moulding solutions for green sand foundries, with a strong focus on non-iron castings and – as part of Norican – an end-to-end offering for green sand aluminium foundries. Its experts will be on the stand to demonstrate how DISA's mix of expertise and technology helps cut scrap and optimise every aspect of production.

  • Casting traceability in action: with the help of live digital models, and a lecture from DISA’s Dr Per Larsen as part of the GIFA FORUM, see how DISA TAG (trace and guidance) makes it possible to 'track back’ to find the root causes of scrap by connecting individual casting IDs with associated process data. Find the cause, correct the issue, reduce the scrap, decrease carbon impact.
  • Productivity boost with a personal touch: DISA’s Application Services team have expert technical knowledge of the entire casting process and every type of equipment. Find out how they can audit your foundry and identify ways to help you tackle issues like high scrap rate, energy consumption, poor surface finishing, mold mismatch and low productivity.
  • Digitally driven improvement: Learn how digitizing every aspect of your green sand foundry with Monitizer | DISCOVER will give you the insight you need to boost quality and productivity. And how Monitizer | PRESCRIBE can help you leverage AI to identify and automatically implement optimal process parameters in real time, to reduce scrap rates by up to 40%.

StrikoWestofen – energy efficient melting, dosing and digital solutions.

Working globally with foundries and die casters, both large and small, StrikoWestofen is known for offering the most energy efficient melting, holding and dosing furnaces on the market. Visitors to the GIFA stand will also discover there’s much more on offer.

  • Flexible in-cell melting for giant casting: discover LeanMelter, StrikoWestofen’s modular range of in-cell melting, holding and dosing solutions designed specifically to support high quality, high volume giant casting applications. And learn how they seamlessly integrate with complete green sand aluminium and die casting solutions. 
  • Making melting more sustainable: on-stand displays, animations and a lecture as part of the GIFA Forum by Dr. Ir. Theodoor van der Hoeven, will reveal a wealth of melting furnace features, equipment modernization and expert training options, digital opportunities, and future ‘green energy’ possibilities, for using less gas, producing fewer emissions, and preventing metal loss (wasting less raw material).
  • Digitally optimize melting and dosing: learn how Monitizer | DISCOVER for StrikoMelter tracks real time melting furnace data to help foundries analyse performance, troubleshoot, and take action that improves efficiency. And see how Monitizer | Refill Montitor works, with dashboards showing how to digitally optimize dosing furnace filling for improved uptime, and to boost metal supply productivity by up to 15%.

Simpson – sand reclamation, testing and digital transformation.

Exhibiting as part of Norican for the first time*, Simpson will be showcasing solutions designed to help foundries reliably enhance sand testing accuracy for dependable green sand processes, lower raw material costs and waste production with innovative sand reclamation solutions, and make mixing significantly more energy efficient.

  • Digitised sand testing: what happens when you mix Simpson’s proven sand testing equipment for monitoring and controlling green sand systems with a powerful digital optimization platform like Monitizer? With live testing scenarios set up on stand, visitors will be able to find out.
  • Putting sand reclamation under the microscope: Simpson Pro-Claim® enables foundries to reclaim large volumes of green sand for reuse, without natural gas or heat, to save between 75-90% of the cost of new sand. Better for energy and raw material consumption. And with microscopes on stand at GIFA to show pre, during and post reclamation samples, visitors will be able to see why ‘quality’ is also part of the benefits list.
  • Energy saving stats to mull on: the Simpson Multi-Mull® is proven to produce high-quality molding sand at a lower cost than any other solution. In addition to reducing the consumables used in operation by up to 20%, the consistency of sand produced means foundries adopting this technology see scrap reduce by up to 20%.

Wheelabrator – optimized shot blasting for peak performance.

If the idea of selecting a super-efficient, digitally optimized machine tailored to match the exact shot blasting needs of your aluminium, iron or steel foundry sounds good, then pay Wheelabrator a visit.

  • Digital tools and upgrades to boost your blast performance: discover how Monitizer tools are helping foundries and die casters digitize blast process to dramatically reduce rework rates, energy consumption, and wear, while enhancing system stability. And learn how the latest digital retrofits, upgrades, service solutions and automation options deliver performance boosting results at less cost.
  • Maintenance made easy with TITAN: meet the latest addition to Wheelabrator’s blast wheel range, an entry-level TITAN turbine for lighter foundry applications (and more). With unmatched ease of maintenance it delivers efficient performance without taking up precious time and resources.


Also on hand is the expert team from Norican’s IIoT brand Monitizer, who will be sharing the latest success stories and innovations, offer a sneak peek at new developments and answer digital questions from cloud security to AI.

Visit the team during GIFA on booth D71, Hall 17

For more information, visit Norican’s GIFA 2023 page here.


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