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YIZUMI LEAP Series Die Casting Machines Unveiled at CHINADIECASTING2021

The product launch ceremony of YIZUMI LEAP series die casting machine was held on July 6. On the scene, more than 300 people attended the product launch conference, including well-known experts in the industry, upstream-downstream enterprise representatives and media representatives. Together witnessed the milestone launch of the LEAP series die casting machine on this meaningful day.

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Today, CHINA DIECASTING 2021 was officially opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center, attracting a continuous stream of visitors.

YIZUMI has always been one of the brightest stars at CHINA DIECASTING, and this year is no exception. Delicate booth design, impressive product display, and thoughtful service won favorable reviews from the new and old customers on site.

On the center of the booth, YIZUMI LEAP series 1250T die casting machine made its first public appearance. Its fully protective sheet metal design, exquisite details, concise outline, eye-catching color with high brand recognition, appealing to passing visitors.

LEAP`s advanced, real time closed loop injection provides highest international level of casting performance resulting in highest OEE. In addition, complemented by a highly innovative and energy-saving hydraulic drive-group as well as a state-of-the-art HMI featuring customer focused intuitive programming, the LEAP series allows intelligent exchange of information regarding quality, operational performance, and parameter settings, making the management of YIZUMI’s solutions easy, efficient, and transparent. And the YIZUMI ORCA control allows full management of critical production parameters with ease and efficiency, improving machine utilization and process quality.

Larry Wang, the Product and Market Management manager of YIZUMI’s Die-Casting Division, said, "The new generation LEAP series, benchmarking the performance of world-class die casting machines, features with greatly enhanced injection performance and intuitive HMI. The improved clamping system as well as our energy-saving drive system make LEAP an efficient, stable, and automated die-casting production unit. The overall performance of the LEAP machine fulfills the requirements of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy as well as semi-solid metal casting, and suitable for complicated part production such as engine block, gearbox housings or structural parts. At present, the LEAP series has launched the 1250T die casting machine. In the future, the LEAP series will be gradually expanded to achieve a wide range of models.”

The UN300MGII also made its first show in the exhibition. Visitors and customers could directly feel the appearance and operation condition of the machine while listening to YIZUMI die-casting engineers patiently explain YIZUMI Thixomolding technology and its application. 

The show is on from July 7-9 and if you have interests to know more about YIZUMI product info, please visit



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