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Foundry Resource Planning's FRP®.melt provides continuous support for the melt process and is an integrated IT solution for better melt operations.
Nanjing Iron and Steel Group nimmt modernisierte Bloom-Stranggießanlage von SMS Concast in Betrieb
In February 2020, Sinto America completed the installation of its FBO-IIIS Molding Machine, Mold Handling System and Sinto IIoT Analytics in Maclean...
What is PRIME? PRIME is the fully automated and smart solution for aluminum casting plants that GHI Smart Furnaces offers to parts manufacturers...
Prepared for electric drive systems
IDEAL MODEL from Dilovasi/Kocaeli in Turkey started almost 40 years with equipment for foundries
Pier Foundry & Pattern Shop has teamed with Sinto for their latest foundry project; an FBO-IIIS Mold Machine, complete with a Mold Handling System and...
Liu Siong Song, founder of LK Group, has been taking advance of China's reform and opening-up for 40 years. He has seized every development...
Fonderie Mora Gavardo announces General Kinematics as the system integrator and equipment provider for their new foundry system.
Norican launches Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE for automatic process optimisation
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