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Dr Fabian Sander: „Es ist unser Ziel die besten Lösungen zu erzielen“
Why to take extra care when restarting equipment after prolonged periods of downtime
Save the date: 14th of May 2020
Ozen Makina was established as a family owned company in 1970 in Istanbul, producing machinery parts, spare parts and tractor parts mainly for...
The Brescia-based Colosio Company, after having paid particular attention about payments to its suppliers and having paid them exactly on the due...
Geht doch – sogar zweifach!
Grainger & Worrall signs Memorandum of Understanding with Mingzhi Technology in the High-End Aluminum Castings and Foundry Equipment Sectors
Reduced costs compared to a new acquisition, Shorter implementation period compared delivery of a new machine
Get highest melting and casting quality by the use of Kurtz’ special low-pressure casting process and its special casting line concepts!
Announcing Mingzhi Technology’s first project in Italy of a "core center" for core package production with the cold box isocure process for stainless...
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