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03. April 2011

CN - Baosteel to become first domestic Ni base alloy casting supplier

It is reported that 127mm nickel base alloy oil casing developed by Baosteel has been successfully applied to Yuanbei 103H gas well. So far, Baosteel has become the first domestic supplier with production capability of Ni-base alloy oil pipes and oil casing.

Ni base alloy oil casing, known as one of the steel products with highest technology content with the alloy purity higher than 80% is usually imported from overseas market, therefore, the price is kept high and the product delivery date can’t be firmly ensured.

So Sinopec and Baosteel officially signed Ni-base alloy casing localization technology exploration project in July 2007.

In 2009, Baosteel BG2830-110/BGT1 Ni-base alloy oil casing was successfully applied in Longgang oil field realizing trial application of localized Ni-base alloy products in the whole gas wells for the first time ever.

Source: mysteelnet.com

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