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Issue 1 | October 2018

While looking to buy a new company car this year, I asked the salesman at the local dealership of a leading German premium car producer, ”Where do the main castings of this new car come from?”

“Sir, your car’s parts are cast and assembled in Mexico, so you can count on it being state-of-the-art.” No doubt about it, I have confidence driving this new car, because the standards of quality for the Mexican casting industry are internationally recognized. The Mexican foundry industry not only produces high class castings, the industry is engaged in research and development, able to produce technologically complex components.

Despite some uncertainties in the markets and technological challenges, Mexico remains economically stable and existing industries like automotive, mining, oil and aerospace prosper based on a solid reputation and hard-working labour force. Mexico`s industry is also planning ahead - see the interview with Nemak CEO, Armando Tamez, and his thoughts about the future of electronic vehicles.

Foundry-Planet wishes all exhibitors and visitors of Fundiexpo and EUROGUSS, the new partner for the die-casting industry, good luck, fruitful talks, and great success!

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Issue 1 | September 2016

In light of the FUNDIEXPO, Mexico has increasingly become a focus on the international foundry industry platform.

With Mexico´s constant boost in capacity and encouragement to innovation, there is no doubt that the Mexican metal casting industry is one of the most significant around the globe and ranks No. 11 in the world in supplying to OEMs to automotive and other major industries.

The Mexican companies have utilized their advantages between prospering NAFTA and struggling regions in South America by establishing solid partnerships and taking selective measures in skills and R & D.

Mexico is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and Foundry-Planet has had the opportunity to observe this upward trend. With that said, we are pleased to present to you the first Foundry Planet Magazine for Mexico.

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