AED Automation GmbH

Lerchenbergstrasse 23 , 89160 Dornstadt, Germany


Excellence in Spraying Solutions

Perfect Lubrication for casting or forging dies needs a perfect application technology - this was the driving force to found the engineering site in Dornstadt in 1973. Since this time the Acheson spraying technology has pioneered the development in this special market segment. Under the flags of Acheson spraying systems ‘Made in Dornstadt’ helped to improve  numerous customer processes. Since 2010 AED-Automation is a vital part of the Wollin Group.

AED Automation offers a complete line of high performance spraying systems, lubricant mixing and dosing units and foundry automation solutions. Our technology is accompanied by a comprehensive set of services and expertise. Improving your process and parts quality with state-of-the-art cycle times is our passion.


Lerchenbergstrasse 23
89160 Dornstadt

Telephone +49 73 48 / 20 01 0

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