Let's go big - Advance into the new dimension of die casting with AED Automation

Structural components are becoming increasingly important in automotive engineering. There are also components for electric vehicles, such as battery housings or cast parts for expanding the 5G network. The trend towards to larger and larger components can be observed and this includes challenges, but also great opportunities for die casting.

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8,000t die casting cells require large tools and adapted spray systems

The manufacture of such components requires significantly larger die casting machines. Systems in the range of 6.000tons locking force are already on the market, 8.000tons die casting machines are being implemented. Die-casting machines of this size naturally require appropriate spray systems.

The requirements for the spray systems can be summarized as follows:

  • Large ranges
  • High payloads
  • High reliability
  • Minimal (spray) cycle times
  • Flexibility in the spray application

In order to meet these requirements, AED Automation GmbH offers the user different solutions. In addition to the robot spray systems, which cover machine sizes up to a maximum of 6.000 tons, AED Automation has been offering portal solutions for many years.

The portal solution from AED Automation
The option developed by AED Automation to operate two spray systems on the portal is particularly interesting (see picture).
One spray system is assigned to the movable mold half, the second spray system to the fixed mold half. The spray program can  be optimally adapted for both mold halves independently of one another. Each of the two spray systems has a load capacity of 270 kg. If necessary, very large spray tools can also be used.

Flexible adaptation, little space requirement and minimum quantity spraying is possible.This combination of two independent spray systems paired with spray tools of almost any size makes a significant contribution to cycle time savings and thus to the productivity of the system.

The spray portal has 16 freely programmable spray circuits for optimal adaptation of a spray program to the needs of the casting mold. The spray portal also offers the option of working conventionally with water-miscible mold release agents as well as the option of minimum quantity spraying.

The strokes of the spray portal are designed for 8.000t Die Casting machines and effortlessly cover the necessary travels. The vertical axis can optionally be supplied as a telescopic axis, should there be restrictions in the available height under the Crane.

Further customer advantages result from the low space requirement of the system. Thanks to the additional horizontal axis, the spray system can be moved laterally out of the area between the clamping plates. This makes maintenance work as well as changing the spray tool easier for the user.

AED Automation GmbH, formerly Acheson Industries, is a globally active manufacturer of spray systems founded in 1973. AED Automation develops, produces and delivers spray systems, spray tools, supply systems and cell automation for die casting and forging shops worldwide.

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