Didion International Inc.

7000 West Geneva Drive, 63376 St. Peters, USA


Company Profile

DIDION has revolutionized the shakeout and material handling needs of the foundry industry. The company began making foundry equipment when Charles J. Didion realized the inherent pitfalls in vibratory shakeout systems and developed the DIDION® Rotary Sand Casting Separator.

The machinery was patented internationally and the company has grown to include over 1000 machines in 48 countries worldwide. The common sense design, reliability, flexibility, and low maintenance requirements of every DIDION® machine has turned the company into the world leader in Rotary Processing Machinery - saving customers throughout the world hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.


  • Rotary Tumbler/Metal Reclaimers

  • Rotary Sand/Casting Separators

  • Rotary Media DrumsRotary

  • Sand/Metal Reclaimers

  • Sand Blending/Cooling Drums

  • Rotary Dross/Slag Reclaimers

  • Rotary Sand Screens

  • Rotary Gate/Sprue Cleaners

  • Rotary Dryers and Scrap Preheaters

  • Rotary Lump Crushers


  • Furnace Charging Systems
  • Casting Cooling Conveyors
  • Water Quench Conveyors
  • Multi-Directional Conveyors
  • Feed Conveyors
  • Shakeout Systems
  • Mold Dump Conveyors
  • Shot Blast Conveyor Systems
  • Separating/Sorting Conveyors
  • Sand Screeners


Custom configuration and design to optimize each application.

Ø System layout drawings in CAD and 3-D


The New Mark 5 Series Rotary Media Drum is the ultimate for sand casting separation, sand blending/conditioning, dual sand screening and casting cleaning and cooling, all in one machine. It can handle green sand, no-bake, and shell molding. It will clean aluminum, brass, bronze, ductile, gray, malleable, and steel castings. The payback/return on investment is months versus years.

The New Rotary Lump Crusher/Sand Reclaimers have the lowest operating cost per ton in the industry worldwide. These machines reduce large no-bake lumps to grain size, scrub the sand, double screen, and classify the sand, have the best output/yield worldwide, and separate out tramp metal and debris.

The New DIDION® Rotary Tumbler / Metal Reclaimer crushes, cleans, separates, and screens dross, slag, and salt cake to reclaim valuable metallics. The patented design has the lowest operating and maintenance cost per ton in the industry worldwide. With a 6?month payback you can receive a 200% return on your investment.

PARTIAL CLIENT LIST Other clients include; A B & I, Betz, Bremen, Buck, Caterpillar, Deere, Dexter, DISA, EBAA, Ford, Gartland, GM, Grede, Honda, Intat, McWane, Neenah, Unicast, Victaulic, Waupaca, Wescast, and many more.


DIDION International, Inc. is represented by 32 separate sales organizations worldwide.


Riverside Industrial Centre
7000 West Geneva Drive
Saint Peters, Missouri 63376
Phone: (636) 278-8700
Fax: (636) 278-3155
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Conveyor Dynamics Corporation

Riverside Industrial Center
Saint Peters, Missouri 63376
Phone: (636) 279 1111
Fax: (636) 279 1121
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  • Michael S. Didion, President/CEO
  • John E. Chandler, Vice President/CFO
  • Art E. Grillo, Commercial Manager
  • Steven B. Soule, Mgr. of Manufacturing
  • David L. Bogert, Engineering Manager
  • Jeff Godar, Projects Manager
  • Dale "Pat" Callaway, Quality Assurance
  • Laura Schneider, Projects Coordinator

Inhouse Contact

Michael S. Didion    
636 278 8700    

Arthur E. Grillo    
636 278 8700   

Distribution channels worldwide

  • We have agents and representatives worldwide. Contact us direct or visit our web site ( for an agent or representative near you.


  • Have a number of patents worldwide.


  • Please visit our web site ( for customer testimonials.


  • Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
  • Gating and feeding
  • Knock-out, fettling and finishing


7000 West Geneva Drive
63376 St. Peters

Telephone 636-278-8700

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