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Foundry crane scales and weighing equipment | Made in Germany since 1979.

EHP is worldwide known as the industry partner for crane scales, load cells and PLC connected weighing solutions.

Our KGW crane scale has been developed in cooperation with foundry experts to withstand the harsh working conditions with ambient temperatures of up to 1,600° C.

In addition, EHP offers solutions to efficiently transfer and further process the scale data. Intelligent weighing systems make weighing processes in the foundry faster, safer and more energy-efficient.

These advantages and the durability of EHP products have led to the fact that today 24,000 scale systems are in active use worldwide and are used at every well-known foundry.

The second pillar of EHP Weighing Technology are compact and high-precision load cells. With a nominal load of up to 100,000 kg per unit, these precision assemblies are used in the components business.

Typical fields of application in addition to crane scales are silo, hopper, road and vehicle scales as well as special machine construction.

As crane scale and load cell manufacturer research, software/hardware development, design and production all comes from one source – all „Made in Germany”.

Convince yourself of our products and get in touch with us. On our homepage you find further information to improve your weighing processes.


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From handy and mobile solutions to 200 tons crane scales, EHP has developed solutions for a wide range of requirements.
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Dieselstraße 8
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