RAUCH Furnace Technology GmbH

Fichtenweg 3, A - 4810 Gmunden, Austria



  • melting and dosing furnaces

  • liquid metal transport systems

  • recycling units

  • alloying systems

  • DC casting installations

  • strip casting

  • protective gas mixing and metering units

  • ingot pre-heating and management systems

Company profile:

The company Ing. Rauch Fertigungstechnik Ges.m.b.H. in Gmunden, Austria has more than 20 years experience in development and manufacturing of complete systems for melting and handling of magnesium and zinc alloys.

Nowadays, the system created by RAUCH includes melting and dosing furnaces, liquid metal transport systems, recycling units, alloying systems, DC casting installations, strip casting, protective gas mixing and metering units, ingot pre-heating and management systems...

The task for these system is to have perfectly controlled equipment with minimum downtime, either if it is a cost effective direct melting of the alloys or if it is recycling of the returns in-house. The hallmarks of the equipment are the guaranteed reproducibility of the process to assure material within the set quality standards and being processed environmentally friendly.

RAUCH as a world wide supplier of these systems added the following benefits for continued success:

  • 1. Ongoing research and development which is done both in-house as well as in conjunction with Universities and Institutes in Austria and throughout the world.
  • 2. Education of internal personnel, in particular the Service Technicians as well as training of customer personnel.
  • 3. Establish an infrastructure for worldwide communication and data exchange to support customers operating the RAUCH systems.



  • MDO Magnesium Dosing Furnace

  • MVE Magnesium Pre-warming and Feeding Units

  • GMA Gas Mixing Unit

  • MFT Magnesium Liquid Metal transport

  • RSA Magnesium Recycling System

  • RSA CL1 Fluxfree Magnesium Recycling

  • MLA Magnesium Alloying System

  • MBG Magnesium Sheet Casting

  • MMO Magnesium Hot-Chamber Furnace


  • ZSO - Zinc Melting furnace

  • ZSB - Zinc Melt- Container

  • HUK60 - Lift- Tilt Device

  • ZFB - Feeding Conveyer

  • ZFTH - Zinc Liquid Transport Monorail

  • ZMGB600 - Ingot Casting Machine

  • ZFTS - Zinc Liquid Transport Fork Lift

  • BEG - Runners Box Tilting Device

Customized Engineering

Rauch Worldwide

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RAUCH & Casting Business Development, LLC
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P.O. Box 603
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Office address:
6194 Newark Dr.
Noblesville, IN 46062
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Ph: 1-317-773-2363
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Shanghai Office
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Fichtenweg 3
A - 4810 Gmunden

Telephone +43 (0) 7612 63929

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