Universität Kassel

Mönchebergstraße 19, 34109 Kassel, Germany



Mönchebergstraße 19
34109 Kassel

Telephone +49 561 804-0

Press Releases & News

GTK Colloquium 2023 sends positive signals

Almost 200 participants had come together again for the GTK Colloquium at the Un...

2nd GTK Foundry Colloquium 2018 - December 13th-14th

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow foundry workers and GTK Partners,  I would like t...

2. GTK-Gießereikolloquium 2018 vom 13.-14. Dezember

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Giesser und Freunde des GTK, hiermit möch...
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