Whitepaper: Ladle coating for temperatures exceeding 1400 °C

Isolat® Coate Hydro is a concentrated ready-for-use coating with insulating properties. By using a suitable brush the material is applied to ladles, steel crucibles, and all metal parts, which need to be protected against metal erosion. Once Isolat® Coate Hydro has been diluted with tap water, this mixture can be applied by spray or the parts to be coated can be dipped.

Isolat® Coate Hydro contains binders and ceramic pigments with anti-adhesive properties withstanding temperatures exceeding 1400 °C.

The separating layer formed is glassy hard and prevents the melt from sticking. Depending on the application, the ceramic layer lasts between 100 and 400 castings. With each casting, a micro part of the film is peeled off the surface until it is used up at some point.

To date the application of Isolat® Coate Hydro has not shown any negative effect on the casting quality.

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