30 years of Gefond big party at EUROGUSS 2024

Thermoregulation from Gefond and predictive maintenance from Perpetuo

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Watch the video of 30 Gefond at Euroguss 2024

Gefond celebrated its 30th anniversary with a stylish birthday party during EUROGUSS 2024 with customers, partners and companions.

In her empathetic and very personal speech, Tiziana Tronci described the development of the company, which was founded by her father Pierluigi. Tiziana Tronci is now leading Gefond with passion and charm at a time of great challenges and it seems that the generational change has been a success.

The guests were full of praise and enjoyed the celebration in high spirits.


About Gefond:

Founded in 1994, the company represents leading suppliers in the die casting sector and distributes technologically advanced systems for light metal foundries, mainly serving the automotive industry.

In 2016, Tiziana Tronci, daughter of owner and founder Pierluigi Tronci, actively joined the company after closely following the family business, holding the role of board member and head of new product development after a long international experience in communication and marketing in other sectors.

In 2018, the development of Perpetuo predictive maintenance software began, developed by Gefond in collaboration with T4SM - Tools for Smart Minds, a leader in the creation of predictive maintenance algorithms in other industrial sectors for over 20 years

In 2020, the company acquired Greenbox's patent and know-how for temperature control units and started its own production with Gefond's HPDC to be closer and more flexible to customer needs.

Gefond's challenge is to keep pace with change by trying to anticipate it, supporting trends in the manufacturing industry with innovative technical solutions, with a focus on digitalization and sustainability. Expand the range of services; drive training to increase productivity. Gefond's strategic vision is embodied in five business units: Gefond Products, Gefond Software, Gefond Technology, Gefond Accademia, Gefond Service.


Company Info

Gefond S.R.L.

Via Triboniano, 103
20156 Milan

Telephone: +39 02/33401545