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Pressofusioni Sebine: "We have relied on Gefond's Greencasting and achieved energy and cost savings as well as productivity gains".

Real energy savings of 57% per year

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As reported at A&L No. 6-2022, December, Davide Bresciani, Managing Director Pressofusioni Sebine relies on Gefond: "We have opted for HPDC by Gefond and are very satisfied with it. The benefits are undeniable. We have calculated a real energy saving of 57%, including preheating, with an effective saving of 15,000 euros per year and control unit and an annual increase in productivity of 120,000 euros with a 15% reduction in cycle time thanks to the halving of lubrication time with the Wollin spray head, thanks to the combination with the patented cooling system and the Greencasting multi-circuit".

Daniele Sagone, sales engineer at Gefond: "The possibility of differentiated thermoregulation in the different zones of the tool, combined with higher heat dissipation, makes it possible to shorten the lubrication cycle, increasing productivity and limiting disposal costs. In addition, a 12-15% increase in productivity has been demonstrated, also thanks to the reduction in scrap and downtime associated with mould maintenance. Also worth highlighting are the savings resulting from the elimination of oil from the process".

Tiziana Tronci, Head of New Product Development at Gefond: "The GEFOND Technology division researches and develops advanced, innovative and sustainable foundry technology systems. The patent filed for the greencasting temperature controller of the HPDC by Gefond line is an example of this. HPDC by Gefond is looking to the future of the manufacturing industry by It is the ideal technology to combine with water-free lubrication and the production of castings. With Greencasting by Gefond, we have revolutionised the way we thermoregulate moulds."

About Gefond:

Gefond is an established player in the die casting industry. Since its foundation in 1994, the company has been a leader in the sector, distributing technologically advanced equipment for light metal foundries. 

In 2020, Gefond acquired Greenbox's patent and know-how and started its own production to be closer to its customers' needs.

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