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Since 1946, Fondarex contributed to the successful implementation of thousands of projects in vacuum die casting.

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A message from Dominik Baumgartner, Fondarex CEO

Initially established as a HPDC foundry in Montreux, Switzerland in 1946, for over 30 years the company produced high-quality castings for the automotive and household appliances industries with half a dozen die casting machines. In 1952, the first vacuum system was developed in-house for its foundry, aiming at optimizing the quality of the parts. During the last 45 years, the company has continuously expanded – not only in connection with its customers, nowadays numbering above 1’000, but constantly focusing on product development, with a forward-thinking reliability. Fondarex has developed and manufactured over 80 dedicated vacuum systems and more than 30 different vacuum valve and chill block models. Fondarex differentiates itself by offering its customers complete advice and technological support for each individual project, based on the long know-how and experience acquired. Our goal is for foundries to be able to produce in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible with the best part quality.

Currently, Fondarex, in combination with a wider range of newly developed vacuum systems, valves and chill blocks, is pleased to take part in the new era of vacuum die casting. Above and beyond, Fondarex is active on the GIGA castings projects which are taking place already on 3 continents. This is an incredible story that is being written and we are proud to leave our mark and expertise to shape the industry. As a provider of total vacuum solutions, from simulation to worldwide on-site support, Fondarex is the partner you are looking for, for all your vacuum-assisted molded parts. All of this could only be achieved through the dedication and expertise of Fondarex’s employees and of course our customers, with that said, THANK YOU for these 75 years.

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