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Advanced Sol Bonded Castables for Cupola Melting

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TRIAD Z-189 is the latest addition to Foseco’s expanding range of monolithic refractory linings for cupola melting.

This innovative lining material is based on white fused alumina with additions of silicon carbide and carbon offers has been specifically formulated to cope with the most demanding applications in cupola furnace melting and offers significant advantages over alternative lining materials.

+ The cement free lining is resistant to slag erosion, and campaign life is increased as a consequence.
+ Mix time is reduced facilitating faster installation.
+ 24 hour curing is eliminated and the furnace can be heated up quickly after drying. 30 hours for drying and heat up is typical for a 25cm lining.
+ The avoidance of metallic additives eliminates hydrogen gas generation and the risk of explosion.

TRIAD Z-189 is ideally suited to application in severe service environments such as siphon boxes, tap holes and launders and has been successfully applied via traditional mixing and casting, pumping and shotcreting.


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