Advantages of individual dosing systems for decentralized release agent supply

Armin and Marc Linbrunner give an overview of the advantages of decentralized over centralized release agent supply. Further information and the opportunity to exchange ideas will be available at EUROGUSS 2024 at our newly designed stand.

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We have had decentralized release agent supply systems in our product range for many years, and these have recently been increasingly in demand and sold, as many customers have come to appreciate the advantages and flexibility of decentralized release agent supply systems.

Decentralized release agent supply systems

The advantages of decentralized release agent supply systems compared to centralized systems are lower maintenance and servicing costs as well as the elimination of intensive for a hall installation with high maintenance effort. They also offer greater flexibility by allowing different release agents or concentrations to be used and the concentration to be matched to production. In decentralized systems, robust and cost-effective diaphragm pumps can be used instead of expensive electric pumps that can affect the quality of the release agent.

Process data such as pressure, temperature, concentration and consumption can be recorded for each die-cast part. The systems have a communication interface to transmit this data to the respective die casting machine or to the spraying device. You can store the desired release agent pressure, concentration and consumption in the spraying program. It is also possible to have selected release agents automatically or to mix and dose different release agents. 

In addition, the release agent supply system can be equipped with a supply of concentrated release agent for minimum quantity spraying or demoulding oil. The size of the buffer tank is designed according to the expected maximum consumption. The quantity of release agent mixture in these containers is adjustable. This allows the quantity stored to be adapted to the actual consumption, which ensures continuous renewal of the release agent mixture. For release agents that segregate quickly, an electric agitator can be used to maintain the mixture permanently or intermittently.

To further reduce the maintenance effort, decentralized release agent supply systems can be equipped with an automatic flushing function. This allows not only the system to be flushed but also the entire line connection up to the spray head at the end of production or when production is interrupted. Various cleaning agents and hot water from a separate tank are usable for this purpose.

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