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Mould spraying system series 714 for Giga Casting

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With a view to the increase in giga-castings, structural parts in die casting on machines with a clamping force of over 4000 t, completely new demands are being made on the spraying equipment.
Gerlieva presents its 714 series for giga-castings here:


Individual application of the release agent to both mold halves
4 freely programmable axes
For die casting machines from 4500 t clamping force
Stroke lengths of up to 4000 mm possible in both axis directions
Up to 10 spray and blow circuits per side
Several different release agents applicable

Split horizontal and vertical axes
Weight of the mass to be moved reduced by half
Greater speed and dynamics
Lower load on the drives
Low energy consumption

Divided axes allow the release agent to be applied individually to both mold halves

Release agent application at the same time as the cast part is removed
possible on the fixed side
Significant reduction in cycle time



User-friendly and robust drive concept with high load reserves via toothed racks and maintenance-free toothed belts
Vertical axes in a compact telescopic design
Use of reliable and proven components
Feedback for a further reduction in power consumption



Control valves, quantity measurement, etc. are installed close to the spraying technology
This results in short and repeatable switching times of the spray circuits
Precise measurement of release agent quantity

Project-related design of the spray head and shape-related division of the spraying and blowing circles
Spray heads with 10 spray and blow circuits per mold half
1 continuous spray and blowing circuit provided over the entire length for 2nd release agent
High operational reliability as well as short and precise spraying times thanks to membrane control
Release agent can be applied while driving

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