AlpVision becomes an LBMA-accredited gold bar digital passport!

AlpVision is accredited by the world’s independent authority for precious metals, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), for its cutting-edge invisible anti-counterfeit technologies

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  • Patented covert technology that uses the product’s surface
  • Smartphone detection - in just a few seconds
  • Easy to deploy during production and retroactively
  • Brand Monitoring System (BMS) to monitor counterfeiting

AlpVision, a world leader in digital invisible technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection, announced today that it has been accredited by the LBMA Gold Bar Integrity (GBI). It confirms AlpVision’s cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technologies as the new market standard, allowing the company to partner with major players across the global precious metals industry as part of the GBI Security Features. Consumers, investors, and market participants can now verify their gold and trust that it is genuine with a smartphone in just a few seconds.

The international gold trade depends on confidence. The GBI initiative, launched by LBMA and the World Gold Council (WGC), aims to digitally monitor gold as it moves through the entire global supply chain, making it easier to mitigate illicit trade risks and reduce the likelihood of fraudulent bars entering the formal supply chain.

According to Fred Jordan, CEO and co-founder of AlpVision: “This exclusive LBMA accreditation is the ultimate pledge of trust. It is a testament to the quality and conformity of our digital invisible anti-counterfeiting technologies that can be integrated into the manufacturing processes with no additional cost, and last for a bar’s entire lifecycle. It’s the gold’s digital passport!

AlpVision Fingerprint®: An invisible, scalable technology based on high-res images

AlpVision’s LBMA accreditation sets a new standard for establishing the identity and verifying the authenticity of precious metals. It provides a new dimension compared to blockchain-based systems, which offer traceability but cannot guarantee authenticity. AlpVision technology meets two critical aspects of a good security feature: hard to counterfeit and easy to detect. 

The technology, AlpVision Fingerprint®, identifies the unique microscopic characteristics on an item’s surface and verifies its authenticity with a smartphone app. It can authenticate millions of products, and using it is as simple as taking a few reference photos. This means that it is also invisible –no changes to the product are required – and deceptively simple to deploy. In addition, it can be implemented on products that are already on the market or during production.

Fred Jordan, CEO and co-founder of AlpVision, adds: “Our solution can be applied during production or retroactively, without additional cost, and it lasts for a bar’s entire lifecycle. It confirms our alignment in working towards a common goal: providing technology solutions that further strengthen supply chain integrity and build a robust ecosystem against dirty gold.”

Additionally, AlpVision provides a Brand Monitoring System to monitor cases of counterfeit items in real-time. This centralized server collects information related to product authentications and application usage (date, time, location, user, image data, and the authentication result).

How the authentication works

AlpVision Fingerprint® uses regular smartphones and its own mobile app to instantly authenticate products. With its product-specific interface, the authentication process is intuitive and requires no training. Verification takes seconds, including the time it takes to pick up the item and position the smartphone over it. A smartphone application then handles detection.


The AlpVision solutions are marketed worldwide under licence agreements and turnkey IT systems. A specific smartphone app is available for free.


About LBMA

LBMA (Advancing Standards for the Common Good of the Global Industry) is the world’s independent authority for precious metals and standards setter that upholds trust in the precious metals market. Their mission is to ensure the highest levels of leadership, integrity, and transparency for the global precious metals industry by setting standards and developing market solutions. LBMA standards cover the purity, form, and provenance of the metal, as well as business conduct. LBMA’s membership incorporates approximately 150 firms, including traders, refiners, producers, and fabricators, as well as those providing storage and secure carrier services.

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