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ASCO extends new dry ice pelletizer generation with P15(i)

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With the market launch of the ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P15(i), ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE Ltd introduces an optimized follow-up model of the ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer A120P. The compact and powerful new machine converts liquid CO2 into dry ice pellets quickly and economically with a production capacity of 150 kg/h (330.7 lb/h). The P15(i) belongs to the latest i-Series generation of ASCO.

Compared to its forerunner model, the ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P15(i) is equipped with the latest remote maintenance technology and thus offers a variety of possibilities in the areas of remote access, remote data and remote management. This enables fast problem solving and machine maintenance or the recording of production and performance data. 

The ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P15(i) is driven by a powerful hydraulic unit and can be started at the push of a button. All functions are controlled by a Siemens PLC with touch screen. A fully automatic control of oil temperature and dry ice snowing process guarantees continuous and smooth dry ice production immediately after starting the machine.

Managing Director Marco Pellegrino explains: "With the new ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P15(i) we offer our customers another reliable and productive option in choosing the right machine for their specific requirements. For decades ASCO has been the partner of choice when it comes to setting up and expanding an in-house dry ice production facility, which is why Industry 4.0 also finds its way into products for medium capacities. Extensive industry know-how and a self-contained CO2 product range enable us to provide our customers with an all-round supply, true to our credo " All about CO2"." 

Dry ice pellets are used in different industries such as transport cooling, refrigeration of food, cater-ing purpose as well as dry ice blasting. An in-house dry ice production offers a lot of advantages such as a cost-effective just-in-time production, a reproducible quality, hardly logistical effort, effi-cient cleaning results for dry ice blasting and less dry ice loss due to sublimation. The independence from an external supplier provides not only a higher quality and flexibility in the daily working process but also shorter production downtimes and therefore greater cost-effectiveness.


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