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ASCO presents high-performance Dry Ice Blasting Unit ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro

ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD opens the New Year with the launch of a brand new dry ice blasting machine.

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With this product launch of the ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro the Swiss Company is in the position of introducing the most powerful dry ice blasting unit currently in ASCO’s product range. The powerful successor to the ASCOJET 2001RX pro combines a powerful double hose system, which can also be used as a one-hose-system, with the option of cleaning with dry ice pellets and the additional abrasive effect of an additive.

The ASCO engineering team has combined all of its technical achievements and know-how of the past years in this new blasting unit. The ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro has been constructed with the values of precision and attention to detail. It provides the high-end segments with a dry ice blasting machine that allows the highest cleaning performance, reaching up to 20 bar blasting pressure. The handy design and new ergonomic gun handle ensure easy handling during cleaning operations. Operators extensively benefit from its flexibility thanks to the option of using the dry ice blasting unit also with a one-hose-system.

Moreover, the additional option of blasting with an additive allows application of the ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro in sections where the classical dry ice blasting technology is pushed to its limits due to the non-abrasive effects. Any moulds, core boxes or ingot moulds etc. can therefore be cleaned on-line and/or occasionally be roughened due to the combining of both the abrasive and non-abrasive cleaning method.

The forms are hardly cooled, production can be resumed immediately after the cleaning process and expensive downtimes can be avoided. Adding the additive makes dry ice blasting abrasive, increases the effectiveness of this technology on certain applications and achieves a highly efficient result. In return, dry ice blasting supports the erosive effect of the abrasive blasting material and provides optimum protection of material due to the dry ice’s cooling effect. Thereby, it protects the surface from overheating which can be the case with pure abrasive blasting processes.

ASCO Managing Director Marco Pellegrino explains ASCOs leading role when it comes to CO2 and dry ice blasting as follows: “ASCO has been leading in the field of development and sales of dry ice blasting machines for decades. Our committed sales team communicates all information and feedback to our research and development team. This ensures developing needs-oriented solutions and meeting market requirements on a timely basis. We are confident, that our newest ASCO dry ice blasting machine convinces all operators. Thanks to our ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro users can choose between pure dry ice blasting or the combination of blasting with dry ice pellets and an additive. This flexibility and performance combination in our dry ice blasting machine makes it one of a kind”, Marco Pellegrino says.

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