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Otto Junker subsidiary JUNKER Industrial Equipment s.r.o. in Boskovice celebrates its 25th anniversary

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With the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the OTTO JUNKER Group, expanding its business on the international market and serving it even better, in 1995 OTTO JUNKER GmbH founded its own company in the Czech Republic: JUNKER Industrial Equipment s.r.o.

The declared objective was to continue and further guarantee the practical implementation of the expertise and quality standards gained over decades in equipment manufacturing in the Czech Republic. For the first few years, the focus was on laying the technical foundations as well as on training and qualifying the Czech workforce.

Step-by-step and in a targeted manner, the company‘s development was controlled through the assignment of specific design and production tasks.

Today, after intensive joint work, the company employs 120 people and, together with the Czech management team, designs, manufactures and assembles the complete range of our products at a high technical level (made by OTTO JUNKER).


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Jägerhausstr. 22
52152 Simmerath

Telephone: +49 2473 601-0