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ASK Chemicals launches new release agent ECOPART CB H 18-350

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Green and powerful

Emission guidelines and regulations governing workplace exposure limits, but also possible complaints from employees or the neighboring community, are driving a growing demand for low-emission and non-hazardous processes that are also employee-friendly. For years, ASK Chemicals has been successfully researching and developing solutions to further reduce emissions in the various areas of the foundry. The company's latest development is an environmentally friendly water-based release agent for all gas-curing organic core and mold making processes.

While conventional release agents for gas-curing organic processes usually contain solvents and are also labelled as flammable, harmful to health and hazardous to water, the new ECOPARTTM CB H 18-350 is completely label-free. Thanks to a 100% water-based formulation, there is also no need for special storage requirements of this new release agent.

The knowledge gained from the development of highly effective release agents for gas-curing processes was applied to ECOPARTTM CB H 18-350. Users can expect the same high performance from this new product. The effectiveness of the release agent is excellent, facilitating the stripping of even the most complicated models.

Thanks to its efficiency, a very economical application of ECOPARTTM CB H 18-350 is sufficient to achieve full performance. Depending on requirements, the release agent can be applied by means of manual or automatic spraying systems.

With the development of the new release agent, ASK Chemicals rounds up its range of environmentally friendly and non-hazardous solutions and offers foundries a powerful alternative to solvent-based products.

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