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ASK: New low-formaldehyde system for cold box production

ASK Chemicals presents new binder-additive-coating system for compliance with formaldehyde limits

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German foundries are faced with the challenge of reducing formaldehyde emissions in the exhaust gas flow of their existing plants from 20 mg/m3 (mass concentration) to 5 mg/m3 by February 2020 at the latest. At GIFA 2019, ASK Chemicals will present a specially designed binder-additive-coating package that allows foundries to comply with this new limit value without investing in additional secondary measures.
ASK Chemicals has developed a new concept to provide foundries with a solution that greatly reduces the formaldehyde emissions by more than 70% and does not require investment in washers or RTO (i.e. regenerative thermal oxidation).

Analyses have shown that, in particular, the exhaust gas flow from coating drying furnaces plays a special role in the reduction of formaldehyde emissions. Cores produced in the cold box process have residual amounts of formaldehyde per se, but can, in conjunction with an additive and coating, emit additional formaldehyde, especially at temperatures around 150°C, so that the limit of 5 mg/m3 is easily exceeded.
The newly developed low-formaldehyde system (LFS) from ASK Chemicals is a specially designed package of binder, additive and coating that, due to its design, develops only a very low basic-load and thus a greatly reduced formaldehyde potential. Furthermore, the new system absorbs released formaldehyde, so that the first users of this technology have the ability to undercut the 5mg/m3 limit.

"I am convinced that we offer users real added value with this new system. With the application of the ECOCURE BLUE LFS binder, MIRATEC LFS coating and VEINO LFS additive tailored to the specific requirements, the LF system meets the legal formaldehyde limits with pinpoint accuracy. This is a clear advantage for foundries that do not want to invest in secondary equipment at this time", says Frank Lenzen, Technical Product Manager at ASK Chemicals, summarising the benefits of the new System.

ASK Chemicals presents these and other efficient and equally environmentally friendly solutions from 25-29 June, 2019 at the GIFA in Dusseldorf in Hall 12, Booth A22.

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