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ASK Chemicals: Solvent and Emission Reductions, Increased Added Value

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ECOCURE Solventless cold-box technology now also available for iron casting applications

ASK Chemicals has now successfully transferred the established ECOCURETM Solventless (SL) technology to iron casting applications. With this new cold-box technology from ASK Chemicals, foundries can not only dramatically reduce emissions, but also improve performance.

Thanks to the significant reduction in solvents used in part 2 of the solventless system, emissions have been reduced throughout the entire process. But ECOCURETM SL for iron casting also offers a number of other impressive performance properties: For example, the production of gas, condensate and smoke is reduced in the casting process thanks to the new technology. In addition, particularly high initial strength and reduced sand sticking are also achieved. The reduced proportion of solvent used in this technology also means that the demand for amines is likewise reduced.

The new system for iron casting has already demonstrated its strengths. Working hand-in-hand with its customers, ASK Chemicals has successfully adapted the new system to the customers’ specific conditions and requirements, and as a result very soon after the launch of the new system various cast iron components – including brake disks, transmission housings, crankcases and castings for hydraulic systems – are already being manufactured with the new ECOCURETM SL technology.

With all the benefits it offers, the ECOCURETM SL cold-box technology is the perfect solution for meeting all of the current and future requirements of aluminum and iron foundries, particularly in terms of the ever-increasing demand for high-performance yet eco-friendly cold-box solutions.

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