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Austrian leading-edge technology scores highly with precision and cost-effectiveness

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Renowned automotive manufacturers rely on the technology from Fill Machine Engineering. Complete solutions in the context of Industry 4.0 impress with greater cost-effectiveness and higher precision.

Lightweight chassis and body components, cast for example from aluminum, are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. They reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption, thereby contributing to ever lower CO2 emissions and more environmentally friendly vehicles. Due to their production method, however, these components require intensive, multi-stage, complex machining. Fill Machine Engineering has made an excellent name for itself internationally with efficient total solutions. All processes, such as machining, measurement, laser cutting, grinding, cleaning, and assembly – including appropriate interconnection – are developed, produced, and delivered by Fill in accordance with customer requirements. Everything under one roof and from a single source.

Fill Machine Engineering, based in Gurten, Upper Austria, is a specialist in the automated machining of lightweight aluminum components from low-pressure, sand, or die castings. From punching and milling of components through to assembly and cleaning, Fill systems take care of the complete machining process for customers, who also include the German premium suppliers. The centerpiece of the fully automated production chains are Fill syncromill machining centers. “We have been addressing the issue of aluminum structural components for several years now. The first fully automated machining center for castings was supplied as long ago as 2008. Multitasking machine tool solutions (combining various processes in one machine), for example, have already been implemented successfully for this kind of components. Our many years of experience and the resulting expertise constitute firm foundations for developing fully automated machining systems,” explains Friedrich Dallinger, Head of Fill’s Metal Machining Technology Competence Center.

Rigorously trimmed for performance

Continuous development and refinement of machining concepts ensures long-term success for Fill and its customers. Dry machining and machining with minimum quantity lubrication save additional process costs. In conjunction with intelligent networking systems in the context of Industry 4.0, we have been optimizing procedures and processing specific component data in production for many years. As a special machine builder, the Upper Austrian high-tech company develops machining concepts for different component sizes and application areas. Concepts tuned individually and flexibly to meet the respective customer requirements.

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