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Automatic cleaning and recycling of the process water saves time and costs

Surface treatment with mass finishing systems

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When mass finishing metal workpieces, the new ZA 04 skiving centrifuge reduces the manual effort and time required for setting up the machine and its maintenance to almost zero. In addition, the system requires around 30 per cent less space than its predecessor model.

The process water in mass finishing systems for surface treatment contains abrasion from the workpieces and the abrasive media, as well as oil and grease. Before it is fed back into the system or discharged into the sewage system, it must be treated. In most mass finishing systems, the process water runs in a closed circuit and is recycled in a centrifuge. The sludge contained in the water settles on the inner walls of its rotating drum. If such large quantities of sludge are produced that manual emptying of the basket is not economical, peeler centrifuges are used in which a scraper removes the sludge.

Walther Trowal has equipped the new, compact ZA 04 centrifuge with a "digital scraper" that is controlled by an integrated displacement-force measurement. This ensures that the scraper always maintains the correct distance from the inner wall. It also enables the machine to be set up automatically: it eliminates the need for all mechanical adjustment activities that previously had to be carried out manually at regular intervals. This reduces the effort and time required for mechanical set-up of the scraper and maintenance to almost zero. In the past, the peeling blade had to be adjusted manually; the new system now does this automatically.

In addition to the new control system, the engineers at Walther Trowal have also designed the machine to be very compact: It requires around 30 per cent less floor space than its predecessor. In addition, all operating and maintenance elements are accessible from the same side. For the user, this means that they not only save valuable hall space, but also have a great deal of freedom when positioning the machine in their hall.

Operation with a touchscreen and the standardised "look & feel" of the Trowal mass finishing systems is intuitive and supports the diagnosis of the system.

About Walther Trowal
Surface technology from the inventor of barrel finishing

Walther Trowal has been developing and producing process solutions for surface finishing since 1931. Starting with mass finishing technology - the term "barrel finishing" is derived from "Trommel Walther" - Walther Trowal has continuously expanded its range of products.

This resulted in a variety of systems and machines for mass finishing and shot blasting as well as for the coating of small mass-produced parts.

With the invention of new processes such as drag finishing or processes for the machining of additively manufactured parts, the company has repeatedly demonstrated its high capacity for innovation.

Walther Trowal realises complete system solutions that integrate seamlessly into customers' interlinked production processes. This includes the entire process technology, customised to the specific requirements of the workpieces, in which machines and process equipment complement each other perfectly.

As every workpiece and every production process places special demands on the process technology, the experienced specialists in the testing department work together with the customer to develop the optimum process technology in each case. The result: workpieces with surfaces that correspond exactly to the specifications - with short processing times and high reproducibility.

Walther Trowal is one of the few manufacturers that develops and manufactures both the machines and all the process equipment for mass finishing technology itself ... on the one hand the grinding wheels made of plastic or ceramic, and on the other the compounds.

The product range also includes peripheral equipment for handling the workpieces, such as lifting and tilting devices, conveyor belts or roller conveyors, as well as dryers and systems for treating the process water for the mass finishing systems.

Walther Trowal's replacement programmes for wearing parts, in which work containers, for example, move in a continuous cycle, conserve valuable resources and contribute to sustainability in industrial production. Fast support and a worldwide repair and maintenance service ensure the high availability of the systems.

Walther Trowal supplies customers in a wide range of industries all over the world, such as the automotive and aerospace industries, medical technology and the wind energy industry.

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