ABIFA - the Brazilian Foundry Association, customers and friends of Foundry-Planet congratulate Electro Aço Altona S.A. on its 100th anniversary, which makes it one of the largest foundry and machining companies for steel and alloyed iron parts in Brazil.

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The history of Electro Aço Altona S.A dates back to 1923, when engineer Paul Werner left Germany for Brazil to install the first telephone exchange in Blumenau (SC).

While in the city, Werner met Ernst Auerbach, a blacksmith located in Bairro Altona (now Itoupava Seca). Out of entrepreneurship and a desire to develop solutions, on March 8, 1924, they founded Auerbach & Werner, dedicated to creating household and agricultural utensils; essential items for the region at the time.

In 1933, the company started working with steel under the name Electro Aço Altona S.A. The first steel foundry in Santa Catarina and one of the first in Brazil was born.

Since then, Altona has been recognized for its excellence in the solution of steel castings and special alloys. It acquired other companies to accommodate and expand its production line, and opened subsidiaries abroad. As a result, it has expanded its support for its customers in the areas of greatest commercial demand, such as Europe and North America, and since 2019 it has been recognized as a Group, whose companies share values aimed at economic development with social responsibility.

In its centenary year, Altona's industrial park covers 120,000 m², of which 35,000 m² is built area.

Innovating and investing in people, knowledge and technology, the company is recognized as one of the best companies in the world in the foundry and machining sector, thanks to the quality of its processes and respect for its employees. There are more than 1,500 professionals, who are constantly valued with training, qualification and leadership programs.

Altona's indicators are aligned with the three pillars of the ESG policy: Environmental, Social and Governance. In 2008, the company was the first foundry in the world to obtain the AS 8000 social responsibility certification.

The company is able to produce 1,250 tons of cast and machined parts in carbon and alloy steels (low, medium and high alloy) and alloy irons for special applications, from 10 kg to 10 tons.

Altona is currently involved in projects in more than 25 countries, serving more than 17 market segments, including the automotive, construction and mining machinery and equipment, heavy transportation, power generation (hydraulic, thermal and nuclear), off-shore, petrochemical, mining and dredging sectors.

In line with its strategic planning is the construction of a new plant in the next few years, which will increase its production capacity, allowing it to meet new demands and customers.

ABIFA honors Altona on its centenary

Cacídio Girardi, president of ABIFA and CEO of Altona, presents a plaque on behalf of the organization, in honor of the company's 100th anniversary, to Carmen Vetter Werner, chairman of Altona's board of directors.


Company Info

Eletro Aço Altona S/A

Rua Engº Paul Werner, 925
89030-900 Blumenau/SC

Telephone: 55 47 3321 7788