Chiara Danieli is elected CAEF President 2022

Chiara Danieli, CEO of Groupe Bouhyer, was elected as president of CAEF for the

upcoming year 2022 at the CAEF Council meeting in Bilbao. She will succeed Ignacio

De la Peña, who is holding the position since 2020.

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On 24 and 25 September 2021 the annual CAEF Council meeting was held in Bilbao (Spain). CAEF member associations from several European countries joined the event hosted by the Spanish Foundry Association FEAF, Federación Española Asociaciones Fundidores. FEAF is holding the presidency of CAEF, with Ignacio De la Peña as president, for two years. The presidency was marked mainly by the pandemic. In these turbulent and enormously challenging two years, CAEF under De la Peña has shown a high degree of flexibility, as have the numerous CAEF member associations and above all the foundries. Thus, apart from the pandemic, the numerous other challenges of our time did not pause.

The CAEF Council meeting took place at a challenging time. While costs for energy are skyrocketing everywhere in Europe, shortages of raw materials and scrap are putting the foundries under pressure. Furthermore, during the pandemic the availability of skilled workers and young foundry talents overall has not changed for the better. At the same time, the foundry industry, being the most integrated part of the circular economy and an enabler of industrial transformation, has a crucial role to play in achieving CO2 neutrality on our continent.

The CAEF Council unanimously elected Chiara Danieli, CEO of Groupe Bouhyer, representing the Fédération Forge Fonderie, as the new CAEF President for the year 2022. Chiara Danieli carries the European idea in her genes and is enthusiastic in promoting it. The Italian-born visionary lives and works in France for many years and is very well connected in Europe.
Fynn-Willem Lohe, who already has been interims Secretary General for one year, was confirmed as Secretary General during the two days meeting. Danieli and Lohe share above all else the motivation to emphasise the essential role of the European foundry industry in politics and society even more strongly and actively than before.

Background information on CAEF:

CAEF is the umbrella organisation of the national European foundry associations. The organisation, founded in 1953, has 22 European member states and works to promote the economical, technical, legal and social interests of the European foundry industry. At the same time, CAEF implements activities which aim at developing national foundry industries and co-ordinating their shared international interests. The General Secretariat is situated in Düsseldorf since 1997.
CAEF represents 4 700 European foundries. Nearly 300 000 employees are generating a turnover of 43 billion Euro. European foundries are recruiting 20 000 workers and engineers per year. The main customer industries are e.g. the automotive, the general engineering and the building industries as well as the electrical engineering industry. No industrial sector exists without using casted components.

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